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About Us

It’s becoming difficult for fashion brands to stand out and make a case for their products. Shoppers are no longer satisfied with companies offering the lowest price, the best materials, or unique designs. They want to buy and wear fashion that means something to them — fashion with a story or a cause.

If you aren’t telling a story or sharing the intimate details of your company with potential customers, you could be missing out on a chance to truly connect with them. This is why fashion businesses need a great “about us” page of some kind.

How long or short this page is, what information you include, or what you call it is completely up to you. Your aim should be to include the following:


  • Some history about your brand — who started it, when, and where — don’t be afraid to tell a story!
  • Why the company exists — what compelled you to start this company? What gap are you filling?
  • Your mission — is your goal to create the best-looking necklaces in the world? Share that vision here so your customers know what you’re all about
  • What sets you apart or makes you truly unique — what are you doing that no one else is doing? What will make your shoppers say “wow!” and get back to shopping ASAP?

Basically: tell a story. Share all those nitty-gritty details. Tell your potential customers everything they need to know about you so they can pass those details on to others after they’ve made a purchase.